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Ready to elevate your business with tailored software solutions? We are excited to offer exclusive perks for members. This is your chance to untangle tech confusion, discuss your unique business needs, and explore potential strategies with our expert team.

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Ready to elevate your business with tailored software solutions? We are excited to offer exclusive perks for members. This is your chance to untangle tech confusion, discuss your unique business needs, and explore potential strategies with our expert team.

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  • Complimentary Access
    This personalized package is offered to you completely free of charge.
  • Detailed Software Audit
    You'll receive a thorough audit of your existing software systems, uncovering hidden bottlenecks and opportunities for optimization.
  • One-on-One Strategy Session
    You'll receive a personalized consultation with one of our tech experts to discuss your business goals and how our services can help you achieve them.
  • Empower Your Business
    Leverage this opportunity to enhance your business operations with the power of technology.
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    What we do

    We build critical software, optimize existing processes, engineer for the cloud, revamp legacy systems and launch successful products.

    Digital Product Strategy And Design

    From product market fit analysis and conversion audits to UI & UX design including user interviews, competitive analysis, usability testing, Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi prototypes that enhance product growth.

    Bespoke Software Development

    Full cycle software development tailored to your project requirement and business needs with stack flexibility prioritizing high availability and scalability while minimizing technical debt.

    Software Architecture Design

    Architecture design for highly scalable, secure and optimized systems minimizing cost and complexity. Our experts prioritize performance metrics based on the SLAs in question.

    Agile Teams on Demand

    Autonomous teams of frontend/backend engineers, designers and QA engineers available on demand to augment your staff and bridge gaps in your team.

    QA as a Service

    Utilize a full package of automated and manual quality assurance services to identify bugs, errors and performance regressions in your product before shipping it to production.

    Process Engineering and DevOps

    Optimize existing workflows with our expertise in process engineering and DevOps automation to expand your team’s capabilities by enabling faster product delivery, tighter feedback loops, and increased collaboration and communication.

    Cloud Engineering

    Utilize cloud-based development resources to build and scale your product with optimal workflows that help cut down cloud spending, automate infrastructure monitoring while increasing flexibility.

    A Proven Approach to Building Software

    Together our team of experts will make your product unleash its full potential.

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    Understand your project’s objectives and needs, and review your existing processes by running multiple workshops.

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    Ideate and prepare a solid technical plan to achieve your project’s goals and objectives after conducting in depth research.

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    Design both the underlying experiences and interfaces, and the subsequent software architecture.

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    Develop highly scalable, secure and optimized systems with minimized overhead and complexity leveraging the latest technologies.

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    Analyse, iterate and launch with techniques tailored to your project’s goals minimizing risk.

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    Evaluate, monitor and improve the systems we have developed with dedicated 24/7 on-call support.

    Build Better With Sych

    We leverage the passion of our teams to work under a variety of engagement models built upon transparency and agility.

    High Performance Teams

    Our teams bring experience from top tech companies across the globe. Sych’s hiring pool comprises of highly vetted designers and engineers that not only value knowledge but passion for the craft itself.

    Startup Fanatics

    We love startups. Our end-to-end bespoke product development procedure will take your idea, shred it down into pieces and bring it back together into a testable MVP.

    Stack Flexibility

    Our teams are not limited by specific tech stacks. We choose scalable and flexible technologies that are tailored to your business needs which will last for years from now.

    Agile DNA

    We love Agile. Our teams work in iterative sprints that allow us to create solutions tailored to dynamic needs with almost no overhead and increased business value.

    Radical Transparency

    We promote openness across our organization. Contrary to traditional client relationships, communication channels allow clients visibility of project status from conception to delivery.

    CI/CD Enthusiasts

    We are firm believers of CI/CD. We employ processes that allow automatic release from repository to production with multi-layered stages ensuring superior code quality, accelerated release rate, and improved mean time to resolution.

    Sophisticated Launch Techniques

    We employ multiple release techniques tailored to your project’s needs based on KPIs in multiple phases to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize risk.

    High Security

    We prioritize security. Our security experts complete regular reviews using threat models to identify gaps that might compromise your systems.

    Bullet Proof Architecture Design Process

    System architecture designs are extensively reviewed by a panel of engineers to ensure that the overall end-to-end design makes sense. A typical review takes into account the schedule, requirements, dependencies, scale, APIs, data model, failure cases, availability and security.

    Multi-Dimensional Code Review Process

    Each line of code we ship is peer reviewed with varied criteria depending on the scale of your project to ensure consistency while minimizing cognitive overhead.

    Test Driven Development and Release

    All our projects are extensively tested both automatically and manually. Tests comprise of many different layers but are not limited to unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests, stress tests, fault injection tests, etc. TDD allows us to optimize our development and release process in the long run.

    Dedicated On-Call

    Our teams offer dedicated 24/7 on-call rotations to ensure high availability and early issue detection in your systems while minimizing business and customer impact in production.


    We promote eco-friendly practices across our organization and love to partner with like-minded brands to create cross-company campaigns that promote green education.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    There are countless benefits to outsourcing software development, the obvious one being a huge cost discount. Also, by outsourcing to a trusted software house, you gain access to agility along with high quality end-to-end software development from industry’s experts.

    Yes, we work with React Native and PWAs for mobile application development on multiple operating systems.

    All Intellectual Property rights are transferred to clients upon project completion.

    Although not required, we are happy to sign an NDA before you provide detailed information about your project.

    Timeline varies from project to project. Please reach out to us for more information.

    We consider your project complete after launch. However, a project is never truly complete nor should it be treated as such. We typically accept feedback for 1 week after launch for changes in scope unless specified otherwise.

    Yes. We have different plans available depending on the project. Please reach out to us for more information.